5 Hot Baby Shower Game Ideas

Baby shower games are a wonderful addition to any baby shower. They can be used as a ice breaker to get things warmed up or they can be used to fill in time between other activities or as an optional activity for those who want to do something fun.

Some things that you want to think about before planning baby shower games are to think of the target audience. What are the ages of people attending the baby shower and what types of games would they like. It is best to plan baby shower games that encourage people to interact. When people talk to each other, work together, and talk they have more fun. It also helps to have some type of small prize. This helps motivated people, instills a little bit of friendly competition and gets people into the game. This does not need to be an expensive party favor or anything just something small and simple. A candy bar, a candle, bar of soap or any other fun trinket will work.

Nursery Rhyme fill In- This is an easy general game that can be played by everyone. Prepare some nursery rhymes before hand by deleting a few random words out of the text. Then read the nursery rhyme aloud and people try to guess the deleted word as your reading.

Baby Memory Game- This is a great memory game for the intellectual types in the crowd. Prepare a large tray with 10 to 15 baby items. Things like bottles, diapers, and so on. Then cover the tray with a blanket and place it in the middle of the room where everyone can easily view it. Take the blanket off for 10 to 15 seconds and then place the blanket back. You can then provide all the guests with a piece of paper and they write down all of the things thy can remember from the tray.

What Is the Mystery Taste? – Prepare this one ahead of time by purchasing a few different jars of baby food. Take the labels off or cover them with some opaque paper. Number the jars so you have a reference for the contents of each jar. Then have people take small bites and try to identify the food.

You Did What? – This can be a fun game for people that know a little bit about each other before coming to the shower. As people come to the shower have them complete a small piece of paper where they list 4 little known things about themselves. They do not need to write their name on the paper and then just collect all of the slips of paper in a bag or box. Then one at a time people pull out a paper, read it and try to guess who it is about.

Three Truths and a Lie- This is similar to the game above but another fun variation. As guests arrive have them write 4 things about themselves. One of the items that they write about themselves is a lie and the other three should be true. They will then read this aloud to the group and everyone will try to guess which one is the lie.

Baby shower games can be free, cheap and easy to put together yet they add a nice touch to the baby shower. People can become more relaxed and feel comfortable by playing baby shower games and it helps the interaction flow a little more smoothly. Often people are stuck talking about he weather, work or other mundane topics. By playing some fun baby shower games you can energize the crowd and create a fun open environment in which people can easily strike up spontaneous deep conversations.

Choosing the Right MMORPG Games For You

Have you been jumping from Free MMORPG to paid MMORPG day after day trying to find something that suits your interests? It seems with the increased amount of MMORPG games that are being released almost on a daily basis it’s hard to keep up with what is hot and what’s not. It can be hard to choose which game is right for you with so many temptations out there.

When searching for the perfect MMORPG games the first component to consider is the community. You should find one that is based on several factors including age range, genre of the games, how you like to work with other people. This will help you to choose a solo or multiplayer game. There is a large variety of games to choose from so depending on your personal preferences you should be able to easily find a game that suits your taste. Do you work well with others and enjoy playing as a team? Are you someone competitive who likes to win regardless of whether or not you are playing on a team? Or are you someone who is competitive but likes to win as a team? Also are you a social chatter who enjoys the chat feature that allows you to interact with other players around the world?

Cooperative gamers don’t normally like playing against others and prefer to play as a team in order to defeat the game or reach their individual goal. They may occasionally play solo MMORPG games but normally that is reserved for competitive players who often feel slowed down by a multi player game. One good thing about even Free MMORPG games is that the fighting is as fast as if you were to play solo so that may sway you too play as a team more often.

If you are unsure about what type of games you like you can find a wide selection of sites that offer a MMORPG List which helps to keep you up to speed on what games are available and what ones will be out soon. It also allows you to find what paid MMORPG games and what Free MMORPG games are available. The price varies from one game to another. Some you may only be required to pay a onetime fee while others charge a monthly membership fee. There is a large variety of games to choose from so depending on your personal preferences you should be able to easily find a game that suits your taste. Many companies allow you to play a demo which will give you an idea of what the game is like before you decide whether or not to purchase it.

Be sure to check the MMORPG List on a weekly basis because new ones are being released by the dozens on a consistent basis. Also many creators are making second or third additions to existing games. If you have recently played a game that you really enjoyed you may learn that there is a second part to it or a new edition with better graphics and game play.

Ninjakiwi Games – Fun and Free Flash Games

Ninjakiwi games have grown considerably in the past year and a half. Their popularity as a flash game developer sprouted from their well renowned Bloons brand of games. Since then they have gone from strength to strength with successful puzzle and arcade alternatives including Boombot, Potion Panic and Replay Racer.

The first Bloons game, simply entitled ‘Bloons’ was a huge hit. It’s simple design of a monkey firing darts to pop balloons brought a welcome rest from some of the more detailed and complex flash games. Choosing a monkey as a character mascot was a brilliant selection for Ninjakiwi, a memorable an unusual animal to pick in a puzzle game, popping balloons with darts was also an imaginative concept. Bloons was soon being published and played on 100′s of flash gaming websites. Ninjakiwi had struck gold with Bloons, since its introduction back in April 2007; it has been played hundreds of millions of times.

Like many other flash game developers Ninjakiwi use Mochiads to earn revenue from their games and have scooped a considerable amount of money from Bloons since its emergence. The Bloons games themselves feature 10 games in total at the current date of July 2009. These are Bloons, More Bloons, Even More Bloons, the five player packs, Bloons Junior and Bloons Insanity. There are also the 3 tower defense games, Bloons Pop 3 and Hot Air Bloon.

Ninjakiwi which started off with just ninjakiwi.com now has 3 sites directly relating to their own game production; the second is myninjakiwi.com which features a login area where you can chat to other players, record high scores and build custom levels for some of their games. The third is bloonsworld.com where you can build custom Bloons levels which other players can play. Ninjakiwi now has a large player base which they can be proud of. However in order to sustain continued growth they will have to keep their foot firmly on the gas and deliver more imaginative gaming content, a challenge not without its pitfalls in an increasingly competitive market.

One of their most recent games – Potion Panic is good example of the type of quality game Ninjakiwi is still producing. It takes a different angle to Bloons, in theory you are still launching a projectile to cancel out an object, but this time instead of the objects being simple static targets, they are roaming monsters and the projectiles are potions bombs. You have the power to change the potion bombs explosiveness, concentration and impact effects. Potion Panic is a lot of fun with fantastic line animation and a quirky range of monsters to kill.

Currently you can publish Ninjakiwi’s games on your own website by signing up for an account with Mochiads.

There is no doubt Ninjakiwi faces heavy competition in this expanding casual games market, but they have established a well liked brand and their own range of high regarded games, if they keep on satisfying their fans with more unique games, further success will be inevitable.

USA Hot Lotto – Free Winning Tips Inside

Luck does not really play a part that much in winning the USA Hot Lotto. Now, you can hit the jackpot by simply taking the risk, learning the game, and applying some useful strategies and systems that would increase your probability of winning in the game. You do not have to be a super genius to analyze and scrutinize the game, but you must be wise enough to realize that the USA Hot Lotto is purely a probability game. Once you are good in manipulating probability, you will have a greater chance of earning the top prize and become an instant millionaire.

A brief review of the game

Before going into the tips, here is a short review of what a USA Hot Lotto is and how it being is played.

This type of lottery is being played in selected states in the US, such as in Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, District of Columbia, Kansa, Minnesota, Montana, and New Hampshire. From a number range of 1 to 39, the player must choose five to make up his set and one number from 1 to 19 to be his “hot ball.” The ticket would usually cost for about a dollar. To win a prize is to get the five numbers in the set, and to win the jackpot is get a right match of the hot ball and the five numbers in your set. However, you should remember that the numbers in your set and the hot ball cannot cross over during the draw. For example, if you have the winning set of five in your ticket, which is composed of the numbers 7-14-26-33-35, and your hot ball is 14, you only win for your set, and the number fourteen cannot be repeated for you to win the jackpot for your hot ball. Another 14-ball must also appear during the draw for your hot ball.

The winning tips

The rule of thumb for you before deciding for your set is to remember that those numbers that frequently appear during the draw have the highest probability to be drawn again. So keep your bets on those, especially if you are a beginner. After you mastered the pattern, you can start your strategy by betting on a set with a combination of odd and even. Then, try to analyze again the winning set if it contains groups of 10′s, 30′s, etc. if you haven’t seen any numbers from 11 to 19, then don’t try to put your luck on them. Instead focus on the most commonly seen number groups. Lastly, never bet on a number that did not appear on any USA Hot Lotto draws in the past, it will least likely to come out on the next draw.

End notes

USA hot Lotto is one exciting lottery game. It is full of excitement, as well as surprises. And compared to other lotto draws, you have a higher likelihood of winning in this game. However, you need to improve your chances of taking home millions of dollars as a grand prize by picking the best game strategy and system that would deliver positive upshots.

iPhone Games Downloads – For Free Today

When the iPhones were released people were begging for technology inventors to find them a way to get all their entertainment needs settled. So when this little gadget came about, getting iPhone games downloads for free today became a part of this revolution. Yet, not everyone knows that they can get iPhone games downloads for free today because they just do not know where to look.

In fact, for those who want to take full advantage of their iPhone, knowing where to look is imperative in finding the best deals. Be wary of deals that seem to be too good to be true as they can leave you in hot water and paying more.

Peer-To-Peer Sites/Torrent Sites:
Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, these sites were widely used in getting free software, music, movies, games and music videos. It was curbed when music and movie studios got the federal government involved. Yet, despite the risks of being prosecuted, these sites still exist for those people who do not want to pay an artist for their work.

When you download anything from these kinds of sites, you run the risk of doing some major damage to yourself and to your computer. Hackers love torrent sites because unsuspecting people download files with computer viruses they have attached to it. Some of these files could have malware, which has the ability to steal a person’s personal data. The malware virus sends the information back to the originator and the person can use that data for identity theft purposes.
The best thing to do to avoid both malicious viruses and prison time is to avoid these sites altogether.

Membership Sites:
On the outside looking in, these sites have all the makings to be a great site. However, they aren’t any more wonderful than torrent sites. Why?
While you do not have to worry about it being illegal or even viruses messing up your computer, these sites have only one thing in mind: take your money! They do not offer the latest games (although one or two may be newer) and the download speeds are horrible even if you have a high-speed connection.

The worst part about these sites is the fee they charge people each month. Typically, it is around $30 and while that is cheap, you should think about how often you will use a site like this. Remember, that this is a monthly fee regardless of how many times in a month you will use it. Are you getting more for your money? With these websites, that is unlikely.

iPhone Browser:
Using your iPhone’s browser is a good idea only if you are not leaving your coverage area. That is the only negative aspect of game playing online. There is no download require which means you don’t run the risks of getting a virus onto your iPhone. Yet, once you leave it, you are likely not to get online to play those games. If you do not know where to go, do some Googling.

Fee Sites:
These sites offer the latest gaming software for a small one-time fee. The fee, which ranges from $30 to $40, is used to keep up the site’s maintenance and get the latest games. The speeds are much quicker unlike membership sites. Plus, you have unlimited access for this small fee. This is, no doubt, a better deal. By using these sites, your $30 will pay for itself over time.